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Welcome to the world of UNIMAT 1: THE COOL TOOL!  

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UNIMAT 1 is a unique system allowing anyone from 6 years and up to work with wood, metals. plastics and other materials to create anything from puzzles to full working models.  The system is designed to make mini-machines from jigsaws to full-metal turning lathes and milling machines.  The system works on a component set up where you interchange parts to make any number of different machines. 

UNIMAT 1 - the machine tool kit from CoolTool®:

  • is a well-known product that has been around for over 15 years (there are more than 100,000 machines already in use!) and has won multiple awards.
  • is valuable and extremely useful to modellers, proto-typers, hobbyists and artisans.
  • works on a 12-volt transformer system (it uses less power than 110 volts which helps to save money on hydro.)
  • is the perfect system for those who do not have space for a full workshop; it can be used anywhere (apartments, condos, even at your kitchen table) and because it is very low in noise level, it won’t disturb your neighbours.
  • is available in kits that are age-appropriate, child-friendly too, and for most interest levels; from PLAYMAT to UNIMAT Classic, it is easy to work with and offers many accessories that will allow you to create an a wide variety of machines.

Please click on any of the links to see the different kits, their components, accessories and the wonderful possibilities of UNIMAT 1. 

Many enthusiastic users constantly remark that these tools were "cool", which is how the name, TheCoolTool® came about.  

With UNIMAT 1 "anyone can build a miniature size scale of the entire world."  Dollhouses with perfectly-scaled furniture, historic ship models with turned railings, or gear wheels and a new axle for the radio-controlled car.  So much is possible!

Because of its modular construction system, UNIMAT 1 can be assembled into six or more different machine tools, each no larger than a simple sheet of paper, within seconds. The machines have the same features as big industrial machines, the only differences are their size and the 12V drive.  With 12,000 rpm, UNIMAT 1 is capable of turning metal, wood and plastics into any shape.

UNIMAT 1 is available in two different kits:

  • UNIMAT 1 Basic is specifically for model-making with wood. The user will be delighted with the UNIMAT 1 as their creativity allows them to form turned work pieces and jigsaw models, entirely by hand.  With the upgrading sets, the UNIMAT 1 Basic can be built-up to the complete UNIMAT 1 Classic.
  • UNIMAT 1 Classic is for model-making hobbyists, professionals and technicians who wish to produce precise pieces of work with an accuracy of up to 3/100mm.  It contains all the same components of the BASIC kit and more!

Due to the wide range of available accessories, an endless array of other machine tools can be constructed.  Within reason, any machine you can think of may be possible.

UNIMAT 1 is THE CoolTool®, unique, versatile, easy-to-use, and technically developed for unlimited possibilities for building-up.  The product also comes with a five year warranty.
Try it for yourself today!

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