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MetalLine Accessories  

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  Riser Block - full metal
Ideal as intermediate part for remodelling and special machines.

For:  MetalLine, MetalLine CNC

  Overview and Prices Router Bits

.pdf   [2648234 Bytes]

For:  MetalLine, MetalLine CNC

162300 Rotary Table
With 2.5 0 Scale and fixing screw for accurate adjustment of slides or any other machine components in the desired angle. Diameter 49mm.

VS162300-Rev08-06-05_WEB.pdf   [3946549 Bytes]

For:  UNIMAT 1-Classic/Basic, PowerLine, MetalLine

164 480 Full Metal Longitudinal Slide 200 mm
Permits positional change of the working tool over a greater range. Suitable for long wood turning lathe and milling machine. And has an improved bedding.

For:  UNIMAT 1-Classic, UNIMAT 1-Basic, MetalLine

164 482 Full Metal Longitudinal Slide 500 mm

For:  MetalLine

164 483 Full Metal Longitudinal Slide 1000 mm

For:  MetalLine

162492 12V Distribution Cabinet with 5 outlets and 2 cables
Connect several UNIMAT 1 12V adapters to one Power Source. Drive up to 5 motors at the same time.

Ideal for the Power Drive Unit (art. 162 320).
162492-13-06-05_WEB.pdf   [1889910 Bytes]

For:  UNIMAT 1-Classic/Basic, PowerLine, MetalLine

164 035 Countershaft - Full metal

For:  MetalLine

164 040 Tailstock - Full metal

For:  MetalLine

164 060 Full Metal Cross-slide

For:  MetalLine

164 430 3-Jaw Chuck with Turned Spiral

For:  MetalLine

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