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UNIMAT 1-Basic
A wide selection of other machine tools can be constructed because the wide range of available accessories are many.  For the knowledgeable users of UNIMAT 1, anything from a gear mill (for building gear wheels) to the construction of a spiral mill is possible. interested users can delve into the beginning aspects of professional machine engineering with the variety of information material that is accessible.  For special machines, any single part, up to the smallest screw, is available.
UNIMAT 1-Classic
In addition to the standard machines included in the kit, the Classic modular system can offer an extensive variety of potential tool machines due to the wide range of available accessories.  Like the Basic kit, with a little ingenuity and logic, any machine you can think of may be possible. For special machines, any single part, up to the smallest screw, is available.
The PLAYMAT kit contains all the necessary parts for building up to four different, working machines and are easily assembled.  Optional turning wood, sawing wood and plenty of detailed construction plans are available.
Styro-Cut 3D
STYRO-CUT 3D is a new kind of hot wire cutting machine for the thermal treatment of Styrofoam and similar synthetic materials.  Accessories available: length stop device, circular cutting device, hand wand for free-style cutting/sculpting and a mitering fence.
The heart of the PowerLine is the Power Drive.  The PowerLine allows completely new
applications for UNIMAT 1.
MetalLine allows more precise milling/turning with the slides, countershaft, tail-stock, riser blocks, longitudinal slides and cross slides made of full metal.  Like the PowerLine, the MetalLine is fully compatible to all parts of the UNIMAT 1 System.

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