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What is the difference between UNIMAT 1-Basic and PLAYMAT:

PLAYMAT is a toy with a 12V drive, while UNIMAT 1-Basic represents a real tool. 
UNIMAT 1-Basic originally was developed for model construction, but is also best suited for children. It has a strong 12V motor, but is still child-friendly, and is run by a 12V transformer, which is already included in the kit.

The primary structure of UNIMAT 1 consists of aluminium profiles, while PLAYMAT is made of plastic. Through extension sets UNIMAT 1 is upgradeable, whereas PLAYMAT is limited to its 4 applications – the woodturning lathe, saw, sanding and drilling machine.  PLAYMAT is a fully functional machine tool, however a sense of achievement can only be promised when working with softwood.

What is the difference between UNIMAT 1-Basic and Classic:

UNIMAT 1-Basic is ideal to introduce children into the world of machine tools because of it is multifunctional and child-friendly. The machines have the same features as big industrial machines, the only differences are their size and the 12V drive.

The main area of use for the Basic kit is wood working.  Especially for woodturning and fretsaw models, where the design is done freehand, you will have an enjoyable experience with
UNIMAT 1-Basic.

For model-making professionals who wish to produce precise work pieces with an accuracy of up to 3/100mm, we recommend the UNIMAT 1-Classic kit. The Classic kit contains all the components of the Basic kit and much more.  For example, the slides and how it clamps, in order to fix the work piece (e.g. the axis of an RC-car) and the required tool (e.g. lathe tool) at the most accurate position and at any random angle.  For additional machine variations, the Classic kit contains the components necessary for building-up to a stationary drilling machine, a metal turning machine, and a horizontal and vertical mill.

To sum it up, for creative freehand working of wood and plastic we recommend the Basic kit.  For metalworking, and anywhere precision is required, the UNIMAT 1-Classic should be the kit of choice.

Through the vast accessories, more machine tools can be constructed.  The hobby mechanical engineer is offered all possibilities by the modular system, to realize his/her technical dreams and ideas. 

Whatever you can come up with, the kit will help you achieve it.  For those who are interested, extensive supporting documents are available to offer the equipment for starting into the world of mechanical engineering.
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