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For late breaking news, video and data downloads, you can visit www.unimat.at and click on “GB/USA” for English information on products, upgrades, and technical information.  

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UNIMAT 1 - choose low or hi bandwidth product video viewing     flyer

Unimat 1 Accessories Catalogue (English pages can be found on pgs. 9-16)

Manual model making

Professional copying attachment - turning

12V Distribution Cabinet

UNIMAT 1-Basic - manual

PowerLine circular saw - animation     (miter cutting) - animation

Power Drive unit

Circular saw

HSS - turning tool (5 piece set)

Machines - Gear Milling   Jeweller

Soren Kjaer Nielsen - report

MetalLine - manual

Playmat - flyer     manual (English)     manual (Chinese)     video

Styro-Cut 3D - flyer     manual

Watch YouTube videos on Unimat products

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