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MetalLine - Precision makes the difference  

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FULL MetalLine...all new! These upgrades allow more precise milling and turning with the slides, countershaft, tail-stock, riser blocks, longitudinal slides and cross slides made of metal.

After a long period of development we have now been able to extend our UNIMAT 1 system with full-metal components. The new slides, counter shafts and tail stocks are stronger and accuracy is improved.

Like the PowerLine, the MetalLine is fully compatible to all parts of the UNIMAT 1 System.

Model makers as well as craftsmen benefit from advantages like:
  • Precision and stability despite modular structure
  • mechanically treated full-metal slides
  • adjustable "Zero"-metal hand wheels
  • also available as CNC machines
By specially boring the aluminum profile, which is used with countershaft and tailstock, aligning of both axis can be guaranteed after mounting the parts in the modular system.  This results in higher accuracy of the machine, without losing the advantages of the modular system.  In addition this effect is supported by the full metal longitudinal slide and by the full metal cross slide.


MetalLine Lathe   MetalLine Longitudinal Slide   MetalLine Cross Section Slide   MetalLine - Lathe (distance between centers 50mm)
MetalLine Vertical Mill   MetalLine 6-Axis Mill   MetalLine 6-Axis Mill   MetalLine 6-Axis Mill Jewellery
MetalLine Horizontal Mill   MetalLine Vertical Mill   MetalLine Pearl Drilling   MetalLine Plan Mill
        Cross Slide
Travel: 32mm standard
Special sizes: -2000mm

Longitudinal Slide
Travel: 145, 500, 1000mm standard
Special sizes: -5000mm

Cross Slide Table
Travel: 32x145mm standard
Special sizes: on request

MetalLine Wax Turning   MetalLine Gear Milling      
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