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S.T.A. Inc. becomes North American Distributor for UNIMAT line of precision hobby kits.

Toronto, Ontario
January 1, 2006

After 5 years of distributing UNIMAT Products in Canada, S.T.A. Inc. is pleased to announce that they are now the North American distributors of UNIMAT 1-Basic, UNIMAT 1-Classic, Hobby kits, PLAYMAT, upgrades, accessories and spare parts, as well as Styro-Cut 3D kits and accessories.

Operating out of a facility in the North end of Toronto, all orders for North America are fulfilled from the warehouse.

“We are pleased and proud to be able to service an expanded customer base, and look forward to providing excellent service in the years to come, and to establishing strong relationships with our users” says Brian Brown, S.T.A. Inc.’s Vice President of Operations.

About S.T.A. Inc.

S.T.A. Inc. has served the entertainment and educational market with a wide variety of products since 1997.  The addition of “The Cool Tool” lines of products in 2001 expanded those markets to include precision machine kits to service hobbyists and prototypers working with wood, metal and a wide variety of other materials. The recent additions of the “PowerLine” and “Full MetalLine” as upgrades to the most popular kits round out the product offerings.

About The Cool Tool

Based in Austria, The Cool Tool® offers a variety of precision made component kits including UNIMAT 1-Basic, UNIMAT 1-Classic and Hobby kits, PLAYMAT, as well as the renowned
Styro-Cut 3D hot-wire cutting systems.

For more information contact: info@unimat-1.com

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