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PowerLine - Quality meets Power  

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The PowerLine system, our latest innovation, is an upgrade system for UNIMAT 1-Classic.

POWERLINE:  The heart of the PowerLine is the Power Drive. At 66 watts and 12,800 rpm, it enables you to build the Table Saw, Router Table or make larger and more powerful lathes. 

The 66 watt strong motor (12V, max. 13 Amp., max. 66 Watt, 12.800 rpm) can be used for all the already existing functions of UNIMAT 1-Classic and provides more POWER, STABILITY and PRECISION for professional working.  Motor and countershaft are combined in the power drive unit (162 320) and connected by a broader driving belt.

As a result the PowerLine allows completely new applications for UNIMAT 1-Classic:

  • circular saw (useable with rotary table 162 300)
  • profile-milling machine with professional stop for the mill
  • large lathe



Watch animations of the PowerLine in action:  PowerLine 1 / PowerLine 2




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