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UNIMAT 1-Basic - Machines for woodworking hobbies, model construction and training.

THE UNIMAT 1-Basic is designed for use by children 6 and up and anyone else with an interest in basic woodworking. Consists of components to make a jigsaw, 2 wood lathes, drilling and sanding units (either handheld or mountable on the machine base), and it works on a 12 volt transformer.  Plus many spare parts are available (spare parts kit, drive belts, screws, nuts and m-1 connectors, sandpaper, drill bits, jigsaw blades and wood gouges.)

UNIMAT 1-Classic - Machines for additional types of materials for hobbies, model
                            construction and training. 

THE UNIMAT 1-Classic kit is designed for use by ages 8 and up and anyone else that has an interest in working with materials from wood to plastics, wax, acrylics and metals such as brass, copper and aluminum.  The Classic kit contains all the components of the Basic kit and much more.  It makes 6 different machines: jigsaw, drill press, 2 types of wood lathes, a milling/boring lathe and a metal lathe and can be carried in a briefcase!  It works on a 12 volt transformer, and comes with all equipment necessary for wood turning, sawing, drilling, milling and metal turning.  Indispensable for machine makers is the three jaw chuck for positioning of metal slugs, the clamping jaw for accurate fixing of the included high-speed turning steel, and the three slides which allow the ability to work in any angle and any position.

PLAYMAT - Handicraft machines for youngsters getting into woodworking.

The PLAYMAT is designed for children 6 years and up and consists of components to make a jigsaw, wood lathe, drill press and sander.  PLAYMAT works on a 6 volt transformer, is constructed of high impact plastic and can be used with plywood, for cutting, as well as harder wood on the lathe.  PLAYMAT has additional spare parts available as well as its own sandpaper, jigsaw blades, drill bits and wood turning gouges. A great way to start kids into the world of woodworking!

THE PLAYMAT DELUXE includes the PLAYMAT, a spare parts kit, 2 wood working books as well as assorted wood, plywood and sandpaper.

Styro-Cut 3D - Styrofoam cutter for hobbies and sculpting/design classes.

THE Styro-Cut 3D, precision engineered in Austria, allows the user to create custom Styrofoam packaging and sculpt models, letters and other items in Styrofoam and similar synthetic materials.  It is a new kind of hot wire cutting machine for the thermal treatment of these materials. With Styro-Cut 3D, a common steel wire heats up to 800 degrees Celsius for quick, clean cutting. The biggest advantages of the steel wire are: it can be formed into any shape for multiple contour cutting, it is much more economical, and it has a very long life.  Simple to use, lightweight, and has available accessories.

PowerLine - The Power-Upgrade for UNIMAT 1-Classic.

THE PowerLine enables you to build a Table Saw, Router Table or to make larger and more powerful lathes.  The heart of the PowerLine is the Power Drive (66 watts and 12,800 rpm.)

MetalLine - The Precision-Upgrade for UNIMAT 1.
THE MetalLine is The CoolTool® for flexible and innovative applications like professional model making, education and CNC.  These upgrades allow more precise milling and turning with the slides, countershaft, tail-stock, riser blocks, longitudinal slides and cross slides made of metal.

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